What exactly is “SandStory®”?

SandStory consists of art images created by Joe Castillo as he draws in sand with his Hands-on light table. This captivating performance is scored and choreographed to live or recorded music with a video projected on a screen for large audiences. To view a sample of this unique art form go to CLIPS page above.

What exactly is “ArtStory®”?

While drawing with markers on a 4’ x 8’ easel, Joe speaks, tells stories and and relates life story applications. The message literally comes alive as the drawing unfolds, engaging the audience with invaluable life lessons.

What exactly is “WordStory®”?

As a bilingual speaker, Joe has spoken in English and Spanish to thousands of people for over three decades. He has mastered the ability to share stories that inspire, motivate and touch people's hearts. Often accompanied by his "ArtStory" illustrations, Joe leaves the audience feeling uplifted and filled with a desire to be more than they ever dreamed.

View the short video clip of his most powerful SandStory masterpiece entitled “The Passion of the Christ”
on the CLIPS page above.

If you are interested in having Joe speak or present one of his ArtStory or SandStory performances at your church, conference or event please contact him through:

Tim Grable • tim@thegrablegroup.com • 615-283-0039

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Joe Castillo is a Supporting Artist of Compassion International.

About Joe Castillo

Joe Castillo

Joe Castillo is an internationally known artist, author, and storyteller.